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Fact Sheet
A submission idea for the City of Atlanta Placemaking Competition
by Jonathan DiGioia
NPU-M Transportation Chair 2018



The idea behind this submission is to re-purpose some of the surplus roadway space on the Jackson Street bridge over Freedom Parkway that is currently wasted by the center turn lane (there is nowhere to turn on the bridge) and re-use it to widen the sidewalk and add park-like and place-making elements that add to the pedestrian experience. These elements could include a variety of things such as benches, planters, public art, and more.

The exact design and specific elements would be discussed and worked out (including plenty of neighborhood involvement) in the coming months/year if our application is selected by the city. Some of the goals this idea aims to accomplish include:

  • Making the bridge, which is already a popular gathering spot, an even more memorable signature place for the neighborhood and the city
  • Encouraging those who live and work in the neighborhood to get out and enjoy this part of the city
  • Improving safety by widening the sidewalk, which provides a safe and inviting place for the ever-present large groups of visitors (often taking photos) who frequent this spot. Adding pedestrian space could help prevent groups of people from spilling out into the roadway like they often do today.
  • Supporting neighborhood identity through involving neighbors in the design process

For more information about this submission idea, please contact:

Jonathan DiGioia
NPU-M Transportation Chair 2018