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Email 01/28/2020

FROM: Chief Bicycle Officer, Cary B. Bearn
Office of Mobility Planning
Department of City Planning, City of Atlanta
office 404.330.6722 – cell 470.432.5191

I will be attending the March meeting for FWW as the timing conflict was our oversight.  Jeff Cullen already reached out to the City and we have let him know.

For your references:

02/03/2020 LIT Lane Meeting flyer attached here.

Light Individual Transit (LIT) Landing page (under development):

Piedmont Safety Project public survey:

The Courtland project is also ongoing and part of package of projects “Cycle Atlanta 1.0” that is being managed in a slightly different manner because it has federal funding.  Yesterday, the DPW project manager reached out to Rebecca Rice at to set up a meeting on this project.  Please let me know if this got to the appropriate contact.

For your reference, information from a recent public meeting is included below (and will ultimately be linked to the safer streets landing page.

Find the Cycle Atlanta 1.0 links here:

Most relevant documents posted (in my opinion):