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Go Zone 6 Police (find your zone) ! Mailbox burgary criminal gang BUSTED in FWW!

1- At neighborhood meetings, especially mailbox crimes captured on security cameras, video needs to be organized in one place to identify and get the repeat criminals off the street. Perhaps AI could be utilized to quickly capture faces and patterns more quickly.

2- 12/09/2019 NPU M Meeting/Landuse (combined for December only)
Dorthey Hurst, Public Safety NPUM, Special Projects, has made Fulton County Judges accountable for how they handle recidivism, which some of these older criminals are sure to be. She advocated voting against a judge pay raise until they have a place on the Fulton County website¬† where they make transparent their judgements, especially concerning recidivism (the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend.) Its supposed to be here under “Courts” in the near future.